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Unit 4, Lesson 2, ex. 1b

Unit 4, Lesson 2, ex. 2a
 As a child I was a very shy person.  Everything started to change when I was ten and my best friend introduced me to a Christian youth organisation.

At first I just went for the arts and crafts but I soon started to become really involved in the other aspects and, even though many of my friends started dropping out as we entered our teens, I never did. Going to a youth group helped me meet new people. and I got involved in lots of different things I wouldn’t have otherwise, like sport. Sadly, as I grew older, other people didn’t see youth groups as such a good thing. 

By the time I was 13, if I mentioned I still went to the brigade,  people made fun of me and said I was sad.When I was 14 I went through a rough patch; I had health problems and I fell out with my closest friends. Things at home were bad and I actually started self harming, which was the worst thing I’ve ever done. The people at Girls’ Brigade gave me the shoulder I needed to cry on. They supported me and I, with their help, finally came clean to my parents about how I’d been feeling. I also made new friends at the group who I can’t live without now.

I soon started Young Leader Training where I helped look after over around 30– 40 young girls in the younger age groups. I lead them in crafts and games – it was great! At 15 I joined the London massed bugle band and since then I’ve performed at two London marathons, the Lord Mayor show and Horse Guard Parades, plus at other major events too.

People may call me sad that I do these things, but they were green with envy when I was given a once in a life time experience...  when I was asked to represent Girls’ Brigade at Buckingham Palace!

The event was an actual garden party at the palace and when I was there I met Boris Johnson (the mayor of London), the duchess of Cornwall and even Prince Charles! This was all thanks to going to a youth group.

I’m 16 now and I still go to all the groups. I am starting my Queen’s Award soon, for which I’ll do loads volunteer work. All the experience I’ve gained looks really good on my CV and I’ve recently got my first job – the employer talked more about my Girls’ Brigade experience than anything else,  saying it showed I was a serious person.






































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