10-32 Взаимоотношения родителей и подростков

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Unit 3, Lesson 5, ex. 2, 4a
Natalie: I think yes, but I’m one of the few who don’t. My parents read my letters, my emails and even my diary. I hate being controlled!

Mel: I think that teenagers are given enough freedom by the government – you can drive a car at the age of 16 here in Australia, vote, buy cigarettes and alcohol at the age of 18. You can leave school at 16. But the amount of freedom given by the parents is a different story. Parents that let their teens do whatever they want are usually visiting them in the hospital after a car crash and helping them out of trouble. But parents who set limits for their teens are usually better off. However, you can be over-protective by not letting your teens meet friends at all which will lead them to problems later in life.

Daniel: I personally have to strongly disagree. Growing up, I had more freedom than any other teen I had ever met. I never had a bedtime. Nobody read my letters or emails. I never had to be in by a certain time. I was never told to clean my room. I had no rules, other than taking off my shoes when I came in the door because the floors were clean. Because I didn’t have rules growing up I taught myself how to live. My Mum kept saying: to be independent is to be strong. Because my mother and my grandma didn’t try being so controlling, I learned to open up for them more. Now, when I’m ready to go to college, I can be even more responsible than others. Unlike some others, I know how much sleep I need. I’ll know how to feed myself when I’m hungry instead of eating junk food all the 2 3 time. I can openly tell my Mum that I’m not doing so well at school, and she will understand me right away and try to help me fix it without making me feel bad about it. I believe kids like me, without too many boundaries, have a much better relationship with their parents.

Melissa: I agree. I think that putting a lot of boundaries on teenagers makes them want to cross them. My parents were very strict when I was growing up. They didn’t approve of my meeting with mates, they always objected to my staying out late. They wouldn’t forgive me for being even 5 minutes late and they always warned me against going out with boys. As a result, I went a little wild between the ages of 14–16 – nothing serious just losing interest in school, because I got sick of my parents being so pushy. I also decided against being a good girl and I used to go to night clubs a lot. If you push your children too hard one way, they’re going to go the other way.

Harry: Some freedom is all right. Parents are protective because they want their kids to have more chances in their lives. If children get too much freedom, they indulge in bad habits. I agree everyone should have freedom, but being busy with good things is best for everybody regardless of their age.

Luke: I think that’s a really hard thing to decide upon, you know. It really depends on the kid. Like I have practically no freedom at all and I know if I did, I’d probably be out getting drunk right now. My best friend though has all the freedom in the world, yet he still refuses to pick up a cigarette. Clare: Teens make a lot of mistakes when they are free. Everybody does. But at least they would be making their own mistakes and not their parents’ mistakes. I think everyone, adults included, should be given freedom, but we would still need to follow rules, laws and morals.

















































































































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