10-11 My Dream House

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Закладки раскрываются по клику. Рекомендуется изучать материалы в модулях в порядке их расположения (возрастания сложности). 

Unit 1, Lesson 8, ex. 2a, page 26
It is large and has big windows and the front of the house gets the morning sun. It is made of red brick and has tiling on the roof .

It has two spacious bedrooms which have two large windows each, a roomy kitchen with three side windows and a back door. There is a lounge with one giant window, and a huge bathroom with a long narrow window so that there is privacy, yet it is still naturally lighted.

The house is supposed to be stylish and roomy while not being too big and showy; there are fewer rooms and more space. There are many large windows so that during the day the rooms are never dark.

There is a fireplace in the lounge so that the people living in the house can warm themselves by the fire in the wintertime.

The front of the house has two bedrooms that seem to welcome the person walking to the front door.

The whole house except the windows is covered in green vines, growing wildly all over the red brick front. There are beautiful trees in the front garden. On a hot summer’s day the trees will shade the pathway leading to the front door.

In the back garden there are birch trees and fragrant flowers growing near the main kitchen window, and jasmine, and roses growing on the fence.



















































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