10-23 My School Years

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Unit 2, Lesson 7, ex. 3b,c
Memoirs: My senior year in high school I occasionally still dream about my final year of high school and then wake up, relieved it’s no longer a part of my life. Who are the people that twitter on about school being the “best years of your life"? It certainly wasn't for me.

I attended an all-girls' Catholic school. Looking back, it was a good school - strict, but still good. I’m sure it played a part in help nig me become the woman I am today. And the teachers - many of them had hearts of gold and only wanted the best for the girls they taught.

I wasn’t very academic, nor was I too popular. I just wasn’t there. I was quiet and shy, and the only time I came to life was when I did Irish dancing at the talent quests and played my flute at concerts and liturgies. I was never picked for school or class captain. I was just too timid and too quiet for that sort of thing. And despite being praised for my music and my dancing, my self esteem wasn’t very high. I was bullied by a lot of other girls.

Some girls did try to reach out to me, but / didn’t trust them. II was hard to know who were genuinely trying to be friends and who were just mucking around. So I closed myself off from everyone, only speaking to the odd few who I felt knew me best. Like many shy people I was often mistaken as a snob

I had no plans on what I was doing after I left school. All I cared about was my dancing. I didn’t see anything beyond competing in the next Nationals. When I saw the timetable for the И SC (Higher School Certificate) and everybody stressing about it, I just shrugged and thought to myself, “/ hope I don’t get much homewon tonight; don’t want to miss tonight’s dance class, practising for the Nationals.”

The only thing I knew I was going to miss when I left school was music. I really came alive in that class. My teacher was not just my teacher - he was my friend and confidant and the one who really knew me the best. He'd be delighted to know, I m sure, that the music exam was really the only exam that I studied the most for.

I didn’t do well in my final exams, simply because I wasn't interested - although I did receive a good mark in music! The rest, well - who cared? That was honestly how I thought. And my parents knew that I wasn’t going to be a flash student anyway; right from the time in kindergarten when I said that I hated schoolЯ In the end they basically said that they didn’t mind if I didn t get a top mark, it was enough to try my best - and at least pass - which I did!

I still cried at my graduation. I don’t know why. Relief, probably. And shock. After thirteen years of being told what to do, here I was, answering to no one but myself.

It was a strange, strange feeling.

I left school at 18.1 was never one of those kids who did part time work through school, so when I started work, I also started my first job - ever. I embarked upon a series of office jobs throughout the next few years and studied at TAPE (Technical and Further Education) college.

I’m now nearly 27 and finally, after all this time, I feel that I can finally live and speak my truth with no fear of retribution from others. I have never enjoyed my life more since I left school!


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