Тесты-рулетки: вопросы этих тестов автоматически генерируются случайным образом из речевых фраз данных уроков. 
Устанавливается ограничение по времени на каждый ответ.  Проходной балл тестов от 85%.

9-I-02 A close-knit family

9-I-6,7 Family Problems

9-II-13 Why are you friends?

9-II-15 Friendship is ...

9-II-16 Hanging out with friends

9-II-17 Friends or acquaintances?

9-III-28 The greatest wealth is health

9-III-29 You are what you eat

9-III-31 Smart food, junk food

9-III-32 “A Healthy Lifestyle”

9-III-33 Smoking

9-III-34 Addiction

9-III-36 Sleep tight

9-III-38 Fashion

9-III-39 What is a must this season?

9-IV-40 You look wonderful today!

9-IV-41 Can you give me another pair?

9-IV-43 Put on a warm hat!

9-V-48 Weather and climate

9-V-50 Welcome to the weather camp

9-V-51 What‛s the weather like today?

9-V-55 Weather forecasts

9-VI-58 Climates of the world

9-VII-68 How to avoid boredom

9-VII-69 Visiting museums

9-VII-70 American museums

9-VIII-81 Means of communication

9-VIII-84 History of communication

9-VIII-85 Computing is about living - сертификат

9-VIII-86 Are you addicted to the Internet? - сертификат

9-VIII-88 Mobile phones – wolves in sheep‛s clothing? - сертификат

9-VIII-89 Future of communication

9-IX-95 I study to learn

9-IX-95 I study to learn - сертификат

Случайный вопрос по темам "Друзья", "Семья"

Случайный вопрос по темам "Друзья", "Семья", "Здоровье"

Случайный вопрос по теме "Современные средства коммуникации"

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