10-42 Чирлидинг в Беларуси

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Unit 4, Lesson 5, ex. 2b(124) 

Interviewer: Hi, guys. Please, introduce yourselves.

L: I'm Lee, I’m 15. I’ve been cheering since I was little! I’m a high school cheerleader.

M: My name is Mary, I am now 16, and in 9th grade. I cheer for the Jr. High Boys’ basketball games.

I: Let’s start from the very beginning. How did you get into cheer-leading?

L: I wanted to be a cheerleader because I was always a cheerer. Before I was a cheerleader I yelled from the stands. I finally decided to try out and become a part of something great. I love the excitement of competitions and the speaker yelling.  XPA all stars first place!

M: When I was younger I wanted to be a cheerleader mostly because my babysitter and role model was a cheerleader but not only that, when I went to high school football games or basketball games when I was little and saw the chee rleaders do their dance there was something unique about the way they acted towards each other they weren’t just friends they were cheer sisters and I wanted superstar girls like that to be my friends as well.

I: What qualities does it take to be a cheerleader?

M: Cheerleading takes an extreme amount of physical work as well as practice. Most cheerleaders practise an average of 8 hours a week. Cheerleaders have to be in top physical condition.  In addition, they are advised to take a variety of dance classes including jazz, hip hop, and ballet. 

I: I’d like you to share one of those funny stories that happened during the competitions.

M: Well, it’s not really a competition story. The 9th grade boys make fun of me and all the others for being cheerleaders. They find it stupid. I told them to watch our routine 'cause we were amazing. So they did come to see us dance. Our dance routine was superb, the jumps were done perfectly. At the end, we got into our end poses, which were really beau tiful. But suddenly one girl doing the scorpion move fell over on top of the girl doing the splits! She couldn't get up, either! The other one in the scorpion position lost her balance and almost fell on top of them both.  All the basketball players were laughing, and started making fun of us even more! 

L: I was standing on the track at a game and when everyone else turned right I turned left! Another time the same game I couldn’t hear anything because of the fans shouting so £ started uelling the wrong cheer and everyone started laughing! 

I: What lessons have you learned from cheerleading?

M: I’ve learned that, together we work, together we fall, we work as a team or we don’t work at all.

L: To me when you are a cheerleader you need to be exactly what the name says, a leader. When you are a cheerleader you need to set good examples for your peers and represent the school, team and your country. 

I: What advice can you give to those who have just started?

L: Don't give up, be serious and focused on what you’re doing. Every moment counts and you may not notice a change but it will happen.

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