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Two old ladies listen to a radio interview with Vivienne Westwood

Nina: Hey, Sonya! Put the volume up! My favourite radio programme is on! Oh, we’ve missed a lot of it!
Sonya: Don’t worry, dear. In a second it’ll be on... Is it Ten Questions to a Guru? Who’s on today?
Nina: Shh! That’s Vivienne Westwood!
Sonya: Sorry.
Radio host: Well, we have already heard what Vivienne Westwood thinks about politics and environment, the role of
women and modern art. We have two more questions today...
Here we go! Someone’s calling. Hello!
Caller 1: ... Hello. I ’m Sharon from Portsmouth. Missis W estwood, what’s your opinion on how important fashion magazines should be?
Vivienne Westwood: Thank you for the question, Sharon.
Fashion magazines? I hate them! I hate them and I hate television, radio, the Internet and cinema! Do you know why?
They’re our biggest enemy because they feed people information, they don’t let people think. The problem is people
not thinking now. If we don’t start thinking, then we don’t have any future.
Nina: Sonya, what does she say?
Sonya: She says the problem is people are not thinking today.
Nina: Oh, yes, I agree. Shh. Let’s listen!
Radio host: What can be done, do you think?
Vivienne Westwood: Well, I am attracted to people who know what suits them - they are individual and stylish. I think dress, hairstyle and make-up are the most important factors in making an attractive person. By the way, I was the first person to have a punk rock hairstyle.
Radio host: Thank you, Vivienne. I ’m so glad you are in the studio today and you have something to say on any topic... Well, here comes the last question today... Hello!
Caller 2: Hello! I ’m Claire from Bath.
Radio host: Hello, Claire.
Caller 2: Mrs Westwood, what makes your style individual?
Vivienne Westwood: I don’t feel comfortable defending clothes. I ’m not trying to do something different, I ’m trying
to do the same thing but in a different way. I ’ve always have my own little shop and I don’t need other people to tell me what the public wants.
Radio host: This is all for today. Thanks for the questions...
N ina :... Sonya, what does she say?
Sonya: She says that she’s always had her own little shop.
Nina: Oh, I see. Vivienne is great, isn’t she?
Sonya: Oh, yes, dear. She’s always been.


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Fashion idioms 

dressed to kill - if someone is dressed to kill, he/she is wearing very fashionable or glamorous clothes intended to attract attention. E.g. Kelly was dressed to kill at the office party. We couldn't take our eyes off her!

down at heel - to have an untidy or neglected appearance, due to lack of money. E.g. He's looking really down at heel... Is he going through a rough time?

not a hair out of place - to have a perfect appearance. E.g. Sophia is always looking smart and groomed - not a hair out of place!

look a sight - to look awful, unsuitable or very untidy. E.g. Oh dear, what's wrong with you? You look a sight this morning!

look like a million dollars - to look extremely good. E.g. Matthew looked like a million dollars with his new hairstyle, tan and designer suit!

all skin and bone - to be very thin or too thin. E.g. I can't believe how much weight she's lost... She's all skin and bone!

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