9-16 Свободное время и друзья

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What brings friends together

1. What about starting a Book Club? Do you love reading? Do you know people who appreciate reading? Pick (choose) a book that you’ll all read and then gather to discuss it. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy or a romance story, it doesn’t matter. Get together with friends every week or two and talk about books. Think how they touched your emotions, got you thinking or moved you to action.

2. Why don’t we start a Garden Club? Are you passionate about your garden? Do you share gardening tips (advice) with friends and strangers? Invite friends to tour your garden and then visit theirs. Share gardening strategies, plant fl owers, and spend time with like-minded people.

3. How about going to the cinema together? Do you hurry out to see the latest blockbuster as soon as it is released? Do you prefer watching movies in the comfort of your home? A Movie Lovers Club is a great idea! You probably talk about the movies you’ve seen, so why not start watching them with a group of friends? Going to the local cinema or watching the latest DVDs at someone’s place can bring people together.

4. Let’s start a Hobby or a Craft Club. Are you enthusiastic about a particular hobby? Do you fi nd craft time relaxing or worthwhile?
Invite friends to share your passion (страсть) for your hobby. You can take up different hobbies and develop talents and new skills by sharing interests with each other.

5. Start a Business Club. Do you own or want to start a business? Do you know other trustworthy people who are interested, and perhaps as ambitious as you are? Team up with others to work on your own business strategies. Share resources, brainstorm ideas, and encourage each other to move forward with your business dreams.

6. Starting a Game Club can be a fantastic activity. Do you enjoy playing Monopoly? Playing games can be a great way to have fun, relax, or change everyday routine. The chit-chat while playing games deepens friendship and brings to light talents that were previously unknown.

7. Start a Local Tourist Club. Are there historic buildings or sites in your local area? Are there tourist hot spots that you’ve never visited? Bear in mind that very often the treasures around us go undiscovered. Invite friends to check out the local tourist attractions and discover something new about your homeland.

8. Start a Walking or a Cycling Club. Do you want to improve your physical health? Do you hate exercising alone? Gather friends to walk with you at lunch time. Find somebody to join you for a bike ride in the evening.

9. Start a Give Back to the Community Club. Do you have a favourite charity organization? Are they looking for volunteers to help them with their activities? Gather together and help those in need.
10. Start ...


































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