9-13 Мой друг

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Why are you friends?

Speaker A. Her name’s Elizabeth, Liz for short. She’s a bit taller than I am. She’s got long dark hair and she likes to wear it in a ponytail. She’s open-hearted and sociable ... and ... what makes her a real friend – very reliable. Yes ... you can always rely on her.
She’ll never let the cat out of the bag. She can’t live without shopping, which makes us closer.
Speaker B. He’s in his late thirties. He’s got shoulder-length hair, a round face and freckles. He’s quite well-built and muscular. Jeff is crazy about sports, especially bodybuilding. He’s got lots of positive features but what I appreciate most is that he’s really hardworking. He sometimes stays in his office until midnight. And he’s really helpful ... He’ll always lend a helping hand.
Speaker C. He’s a bit younger than I am. He’s a little shorter, but we look pretty similar. We don’t spend as much time together as we used to when we were younger, but we play pool from time to time and we sometimes go jogging in the morning. I think I’m more sociable than George, but he’s more popular with girls. He’s good at languages, but his real passion is music ... And I think he’s really well-organised and I like it.
Speaker D. I think Natasha is the most easy-going person I know. She makes friends easily, because she’s sociable by nature. Imagine … She’s got three mobile telephones and she’s always on the phone. She enjoys outdoor life and never gets bored. She’s naughty sometimes but when you talk to her you realize how intelligent she is. She’s careful with money and generous at the same time. She dreams about travelling abroad one day and seeing the rest of the world.

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  1. What do friends mean to you?
  2. What makes a friend a best friend?
  3. What makes you a good friend?
  4. Is it easy for you to make friends?
  5. Do you have any particularly close friends?
  6. Do you stay in touch with all of the friends you’ve made?
  7. Which long-lost friend would you like to see again?
  8. Is there a difference in friendship between your male friends and female friends?
  9. What would life be like without friends?
  10. Do you ever worry about losing your friends?
  11. Are friends sometimes more important than family?
  12. Do you agree with the expression “a friend in need is a friend in deed”?
  13. How similar are you to your friends?
  14. Do you think you have a special understanding with your friends?
  15. At which stages of life is it easier to make friends?
  16. Are your childhood friends those you have strongest bonds with?
  17. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for your friends?
  18. How often do you fall out with your friends?
  19. If you could choose any friend in the world, who would it be?
  20. What is the most valuable thing you have to offer as a friend?

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