8- 70 Popular musicians and singers

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Закладки раскрываются по клику мыши. Рекомендуется последовательно проработать материалы в порядке их расположения и, соответственно, возрастания сложности. 

Ivan: I think Troitsa is fantastic. I believe it’s the most awesome group in Belarus. They play folk which is very original, expressive and relaxing. The musicians play a wide range of instruments such as the flute, the accordion, the bagpipes and many others. They’ve already recorded six albums in studios in Belarus and abroad. I’m dying to see their live performance5 in a club or concert hall.

Veronika: To my mind BeZ Bileta is the most successful Belarusian pop group today. Its music was influenced by Victor Tsoi and Radiohead group, Pesnyary and modern European mainstream. The musicians call their music “smart pop” and play a combination of rock and electronic pop. BeZ Bilata usually draws full house1 both in clubs and stadiums, in Belarus and abroad. They’ve already won Rock Coronation, a Belarusian music award, seven times.

Dasha: My dream is to see a live performance of the National Concert Orchestra of Belarus, also known as Michael Finberg’s Orchestra. They play all kinds of musical instruments because they play different styles from world classical and old Belarusian music to jazz and pop. They’re very popular in concert halls of Belarus and abroad. Many Belarusian musicians like Yakov Naumenko, Dmitri Koldun, Aleksei Khlestov, Inna Afanasieva, Irina Dorofeeva, Pyotr Elfimov and Sasha Nemo started their career3 in Michael Finberg’s Orchestra.

Masha: I’m really into Alyona Lanskaya, a Belarusian pop singer. She’s young, but has already won the Slavianski Bazaar Contest in 2011 and represented Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest4 in 2013. I like listening to Alyona Lanskaya’s songs and watching her perform on the stage. Her music is the best background music for me; I can listen to it all day long.

Stas: I like hip hop and rap, the kind of music Seryoga performs, because this music is expressive and energetic. Really, rap is never boring. Seryoga is very often on the radio, and my dad usually listens to him when he drives the car. Seryoga has a very strong personality; he’s made a really successful career in show business. Besides, Seryoga was a judge5 of one of the most popular singing talent shows in the world, The
X Factor, Ukraine.


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