8- 46 Holidays in the UK

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British factfile: Holidays in the UK

In Britain you can hear different words about the days when most people do not go to work and celebrate different traditions or simply relax. These days off are called common law holidays официальные праздничные дни, bank holidays нерабочие дни and public holidays официальные нерабочие дни. Why? What’s the difference?

We can find an explanation in history and law.

Before 1834 about thirty-three saints’ days and religious festivals were celebrated as holidays, but in 1834 only four were left: 1 May, 1 November, Good Friday Cтрастная пятница and Christmas Day. The name “bank holidays” first appeared in 1871 in the Bank Holidays Act, which was introduced введен by a politician Sir John Lubbock – a Liberal MP member of parliament – член парламента. A banker, scientist and social reformer, Sir John Lubbock aimed to ease the life of the working class people when he suggested introducing days off, which were not religious holidays. As banks were closed, all people had a day off выходной. English people were so thankful that they called the first Bank Holidays “St. Lubbock’s Days”.

After that, public holidays were renamed or added to the calendar of different UK countries in different years from 1903 to the present time.

Very often the two words – bank holidays and public holidays – are used interchangeably взаимозаменяемо in everyday life, although legally there is a difference. Strictly speaking, bank holidays are holidays when banks and many other businesses are closed for the day. Public holidays are holidays, which have been celebrated for many years through custom обычай and tradition. In fact, whether holidays are bank or public, is written in the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, which replaced the Bank Holidays Act 1871.

If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is usually celebrated on the next working weekday, called “a substitute заменяющий public holiday”. Extra bank holidays are created by Royal proclamation по королевскому объявлению. For example, the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer on 29 July 1981, the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II on Monday, 3 June 2002 and the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29 April 2011 were made extra bank holidays.

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+2 # ТаняГапоненко Татьяна 09.01.2019 22:17
I love and enjoy April Fool's Day, because when I get a bad mark, I can say this to my mom, and she laughs, because thinks it is a joke.
I also love Easter, because I love to paint eggs and play with them.It's great fun!
+1 # RE: 8- 46 Holidays in the UKКоцур Алеся 09.01.2019 23:45
My favorite holiday is New Year's day. On this day I usually cook special meals.
Such as roast turkey with roast potatoes and salad Olivier. In my opinion, the celebration of this holiday is in its preparation.
+1 # The most attractive holidayЛиза Жукова 10.01.2019 17:27
The most attractive holiday in my opinion is Christmas, because my best loved relatives are invited to my home and my mother cooks special delicious dishes, such as Christmas goose, cake in the form of a cross, boiled potatoes and much more. Also at Christmas my family and me decorate the house with the figurines of angels, garlands and colorful balls, in my opinion it is fun and brings the family together. I think it is the most important thing in celebration. Do you agree with me?
+2 # The most attractive holidayПолина Кобец 14.01.2019 21:27
The most attractive holiday for me is Mother's day. I always send cards to my family and friends, because this holiday is very important for me and for our family. My mother always invites our friends to share the holiday with us.Our main dish is a cake cooked by our grandmother. We play a quiz game, we talk and have fun. This holiday is full of romantic atmosphere. That is why I like this holiday so much. And what about you ?
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