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  • Hello, everyone. Here in the studio with us is a very promising young actor Billy Banks. As you know he stars in recent Hollywood production Money Talks’. I ’m going to ask him questions about money - ha-ha-ha!
  • Hi, everyone. I guess you’ve chosen me to talk about money because of my name.
  • Not only because of your name. I ’ve known you for five years and I understand you’re a very rich man now. But in the film, your character borrows money from everyone to make his dreams come true. Have you ever borrowed money from someone?
  • No, I haven’t. I ’ve always been careful with my money. You know, in ‘H am let’ Shakespeare wrote: ‘Neither a lender, nor a borrower be.’ I try neither to lend nor to borrow money.
  • How much money do you earn?
  • Enough to live a comfortable life.
  • Do you try to save money or do you usually spend it as soon as you get it?
  • I ’ ve been saving money for a flat in London but I can’t afford to buy a good flat yet. Though, I ’ve already saved quite a lot - actually 80% of the money I need.
  • Have you ever lent money to someone who didn’t pay you back?
  • BB: Oh, lots of times. When I became famous, I found out that I had many friends who wanted to borrow money from me. They’ve disappeared somewhere now. I ’ve been trying to get my money back, but - no luck.
  • W e’ve chosen you for this interview because you’re famous for spending your money wisely - not on expensive cars or parties. You’re also known as a person who spends a lot on charity. How long have you been doing this?
  • I ’ve been doing some work for charity since my drama school years. I ’ve been helping the poor children of Haiti for the last few years. And I ’m proud to say that we’ve already helped many children there. And if you want to help, you can visit my site on the Internet, the address is ...


Подведите курсор мыши к вопросу, всплывающая подсказка покажет переводы к вопросам и варианты ответов.

Have you ever won any money in a lottery?

Do you try to save money or do you usually spend it as soon as you get it?

What have you been saving money for?

Have you ever wasted money on the things that only lasted a few days?

Do you pay for your shopping in cash or by credit card?

Have you ever lost a credit card or your wallet or purse?

Have you ever lent money to someone who didn't pay you back?

Have you ever borrowed money from someone?

Have you ever bought or sold anything on the Internet?

How much does your dream car cost?

What would you like to buy but can’t afford yet?

How much money would you like to earn when you have a job?

Do you ever give money to charity?

Money idioms 

above par - выше номинала. The stocks were selling above par at the stock exchange that day.
almighty dollar - всемогущий доллар.Tom thinks that money is more important than anything else, and he spends his life chasing the almighty dollar.
as phony as a three-dollar billфальшивый, поддельный (как трёхдолларовая купюра). The woman, who was raising money for a children's playground, seemed to be as phony as a three-dollar bill.
as sound as a dollar - надёжный как доллар. My father's company is very secure and dependable; in fact it is as sound as a dollar.
at a premium
более высокая цена (за уникальность)
The tickets for the first night performance were selling at a premium.
at all costs
любой ценой
He was determined to secure his treasures at all costs.
balance the books/accounts
подводить баланс
The job of an accountant is to balance the books of his company.
below par
ниже номинальной стоимости
The bonds of the oil company were selling at a price that was below par.
bet one's bottom dollar
быть совершенно уверенным в чем-либо
Aleck could bet his bottom dollar that his baseball team would win the game.
beyond one's means
(жить) не по средствам
This expensive cottage is very much beyond their means.
bottom dollar
последние деньги, последний доллар
I needed a computer badly, and I had to spend my bottom dollar to get it.
break the bank
сорвать банк (выиграть все деньги в казино за игровым столом)
The man in the casino broke the bank by winning all the money at a gambling table.
buy (something) for a song
купить что-либо очень дёшево, "купить за пятак"
It's a very cheap house; we practically bought it for a song.
by check
(расплатиться) чеком
Marion paid for her purchases by check.
can take (something) to the bank
что-либо, гарантирующее успех
I am sure that we can very well take the new business project to the bank.
cash in (something)
обменять что-либо (купоны, облигации) на наличные деньги
I went to the bank to cash in a large number of my savings bonds in order to get some money to buy a condominium.
cash in on (something)
зарабатывать на чём-либо
A famous pop singer cashed in on her popularity in order to open a night club.
cash on the barrelhead
(платить) наличными деньгами
I paid the salesman cash on the barrelhead for the second-hand furniture.
оплата покупки наличными
In a cash-and-carry store goods are usually sold at lower prices.
caught short
(не иметь) необходимое количество денег
Vivian was caught short and had to get a loan from a bank to pay her living expenses.
Ron is a regular cheapskate; he hates spending money on books.
chip in (money)
вносить деньги, платить в складчину
My friends and I decided to chip in some money to buy a birthday present for Lucy.
chisel (someone) out of (something)
вымогать у кого-либо что-либо
A group of racketeers was chiseling small businesses out of their money.
clean up
получить кучу денег
Joshua cleaned up at the state lottery last month.
cold hard cash
наличные (монеты, банкноты)
Mr. Ackroyd bought a new car and paid cold hard cash for it.
control the purse strings
контролировать расход денег (в семье)
My mother-in-law didn't earn money, but she controlled the purse strings in the family.
cook the books
составлять поддельный счёт, жульничать в расчётах
They fired the accountant because he was cooking the books.
cost a pretty penny
стоить много денег, "влететь в копеечку"
Last year we did up all the rooms in the house and it cost us a pretty penny.
cut (someone) a check
выписать кому-либо чек
They cut the plumber a check for the work that he had done.
cut (someone) off without a penny
оставить кого-либо без копейки, лишать наследства
Martha was determined to file for a divorce, but her husband threatened to cut her off without a penny.
сниженная цена
Kevin's brother bought a cut-rate computer at the second-hand store.
человек, уклоняющийся от уплаты долгов
My neighbor Rick Brown is a regular deadbeat; he never pays his debts.
dime a dozen
небольшая ценность чего-либо, "грош цена"
Tim bought a few used magazines; they were a dime a dozen.
dirt cheap
очень дёшево
The jeans Jim bought were dirt cheap and looked accordingly.
dollar for dollar
принимая во внимание стоимость
Dollar for dollar, going to the Swiss Alps for a holiday is a good deal.

разорённый, не имеющий денег
After the collapse of the company in which he had invested Jeffrey Archer was down and out.
draw interest
привлекать внимание, казаться интересным
The exhibition of modern art didn't draw interest of the public at large.
Dutch treat
угощение, при котором каждый платит за себя
When my friend and I go to the movies, it is always a Dutch treat as both of us don't have much money.
easy money
лёгкие деньги
Young people who look for easy money are usually disappointed.
face value
кажущаяся ценность; поверхностное суждение
"If I were you, I wouldn't trust her; take everything she does at face value."
fast buck
деньги, заработанные легко и быстро, "шальные деньги"
The man is always trying to make a fast buck without working very hard.
feed the kitty
жертвовать (деньги)
We are going to feed the kitty to collect money for the new workshop.
flat broke
полностью разориться, не иметь денег
Alfred lost all of his money at gambling and was flat broke.
float a loan
брать заём (в банке)
The bank agreed to float a loan for the purchase of a new house.
fool and his money are soon parted
у дурака деньги долго не держатся
Jimmy spends his money unwisely. A fool and his money are soon parted.
foot the bill
заплатить за что-либо, оплатить что-либо
The Frawlys hoped the company would foot the bill for the ransom of eight million dollars.
for a song
очень дёшево, "за гроши"
"Don't think you can buy a new house for a song; houses are expensive."
for my money
я считаю, что касается меня
For my money, the best candidate for Congress is George Brown.
fork money out (for something)
потратить деньги на что-либо, "раскошелиться"
They had to fork out much money for fixing their old house.
fork over (some money)
заплатить деньги за что-либо
"You forked over much money for the painting, didn't you? The picture isn't worth it."
from rags to riches
от бедности к богатству; "из грязи, да в князи"
Mr. Paul Ladle is a self-made man; he went from rags to riches.
get a run for one's money
получить всё сполна за свои деньги; получить то, что заслуживаешь
David got a run for his money when he decided to take part in car races.
get along on a shoestring
быть стеснённым в средствах, иметь очень мало денег
After her husband's death Linda had to get along on a shoestring.
get one's money's worth
получить (деньги) сполна
Felix got his money's worth when he sold several pictures of old masters at the auction.
give (someone) a blank check
предоставить кому-либо полную свободу действий
The government gave the Minister of Education a blank check to improve the situation.
give (someone) a run for their money
дать кому-либо то, что он заслуживает
Mike and Antony are excellent footballers; let's give them a run for their money.
go broke
разориться, потерять все деньги
Josef Marsh went broke because of the collapse of a Canadian company in which he had invested.
go Dutch
платить каждый за себя
My friend and I often go Dutch when we go to a pizza hut.
go to the expense (of doing something)
пойти на большие затраты
Jane was prepared to go to the expense of buying a new car because her old one had broken down.
going rate
существующий тариф \ расценка \ спрос
The going rate for gardeners will go high this season.
hard up
быть в затруднительном финансовом положении
I am not surprised that Paul is hard up for money again. He is such a spendthrift.
have an itchy/itching palm
выпрашивать деньги, чаевые
George seems to have an itching palm. He is always asking for money.
have money to burn
быть очень богатым, "денег куры не клюют"
Mary's husband made the money easily enough - he would never miss it, neither would Mary. They had money to burn.
have sticky fingers
The man was fired from the supermarket because he had sticky fingers.
have the Midas touch
уметь легко делать деньги
Moses has the Midas touch; he has the ability of making money easily.
He who pays the piper calls the tune
тот кто платит, тот и распоряжается
He who pays the piper calls the tune, so it is for the owner of the cafe to decide who will work there and who won't.
heads or tails
орёл или решка
They decided to start the basketball game by throwing heads or tails with a coin.
highway robbery
очень высокая цена, "чистый грабёж"
The price that I had to pay for the airline tickets was highway robbery.
hit pay dirt
обнаружить что-либо ценное
Gloria hit pay dirt while looking through the things in the garret.
hit the jackpot
иметь необыкновенный успех, повезти
Dana was very lucky; she hit the jackpot when she bought a lottery ticket last month.

honor (someone's) check
принять чей-либо чек
At the supermarket they didn't honor my check and I was very upset.
ill-gotten gains
(что-либо) добытое нечестным путём
"I am sure Mr. Bobtail's wealth is ill-gotten gains."
in clover
богатый или успешный, ведущий приятную жизнь
Having won a million dollars in a state lottery, Monica and her husband were in clover.
in the chips
(быть) состоятельным
Ricardo has always wanted to be in the chips.
in the hole
(быть) в долгах, нести потери
Wanda can scarcely make both ends meet; she is always in the hole.
in the money
состоятельный, при деньгах
Gerald found a good job, and he is in the money now.
jack up (the price)
поднять цены
It is difficult to rent a good house for a decent price; the owners have jacked up their prices.
last of the big spenders
Samantha earns a lot of money and spends it freely; I think she is the last of the big spenders.
lay away money
откладывать (деньги), копить
The boy was trying to lay away some money to buy a bicycle.
lay out (money)
тратить (деньги), "выложить деньги"
"If we buy this house, we will have to lay out a lot of money on repairs, and that's a heavy outlay."
layaway plan
покупка в кредит (товар отдаётся только тогда, когда выплачена вся сумма)
Sam made up his mind to purchase a computer on the layaway plan of the department store.
let the buyer beware
пусть покупатель будет осмотрительным
"You are going to buy a new computer, aren't you? Please remember the motto is 'let the buyer beware'."
live beyond one's means
жить не по средствам
Timothy has been living beyond his means for quite some time and is now in a serious trouble.
live within one's means
жить по средствам
My credo is to live within my means and to spend no more than I earn.
иметь много денег
I believe my next door neighbor is really loaded.
look like a million dollars
прекрасно выглядеть, быть здоровым, счастливым и преуспевающим
Martha looked like a million dollars when I saw her the other day.
make a bundle/pile
заработать много денег
Sam's uncle has made a bundle on the stock market and he is very wealthy now.
make a check out to (someone)
выписать чек кому-либо
The volunteers were raising money for the new animal shelter and I made a check out to them.
make a fast/quick buck
быстро и легко заработать деньги
Alan Grove made a fast buck during the war by supplying ammunition for the army.
make a killing
заработать большие деньги
David Rooster made a killing on the oil market during the boom.
make a living
зарабатывать на жизнь
Sara doesn't earn enough to make a good living; she can hardly make both ends meet.
make ends meet
сводить концы с концами
Dina's salary is so small that she can hardly make ends meet.
make good money
зарабатывать хорошие деньги
Pam was able to make good money doing a full-time job at a souvenir factory.
make/spend/lose money hand over fist
быстро и в больших количествах делать \ тратить \ терять деньги
Adam is head over heels in debt because he is spending money hand over fist.
money burns a hole in (someone's) pocket
быстро и неразумно тратить деньги; деньги долго не держатся
Money usually burns a hole in the girl's pocket; she spends it very quickly.
money doesn't grow on trees
не стоит сорить деньгами, деньги на деревьях не растут
"Money is valuable; you shouldn't waste it. Remember money doesn't grow on trees."
money is no object
цена не столь важна
Money is no object if you have decided to go on a luxury voyage in the middle of summer.
money is the root of all evil
деньги – причина всех бед
Many people believe that money is the root of all evil, but I am of another opinion.
money talks
с деньгами всего можно добиться
Money talks; it gives you power and influence over other people.
nest egg
сумма денег, отложенная на чёрный день
Weber liked to keep a little nest egg for himself.
nickel and dime (someone)
постоянно просить у кого-либо денег или тратить небольшие суммы
My cousin Ben is constantly asking for small sums of money; I am afraid he will nickel and dime me to death.
not for love nor money
ни за какие блага
It was a first night performance, and we couldn't buy the tickets, not for love nor money.
not for love or money
любыми путями, "не мытьём, так катаньем"
We were not able to get the tickets for the performance for love or money.
not have two cents to rub together
не иметь много денег
My uncle is always short of money; he never has two cents to rub together.
not made of money
(не) иметь много денег
My daughter asked me to buy her a car, but I told her I am not made of money.

not worth a dime/cent
(не) стоить ни гроша
The house is falling to pieces and is not worth a cent.
on a dime
на очень ограниченном месте, "на пятачке"
His new boat is very powerful and is able to start on a dime.
on sale
в продаже (часто по сниженной цене)
There were a lot of swim suits on sale.
on the house
(угощение) за счёт заведения
The owner of the cafe is a friend of mine and I often get a drink on the house.
on the money
как раз нужная сумма \место \ время \ идея
Mark was on the money when he went to purchase textbooks.
on the take
брать взятки
I don't believe that Tom Sanders is on the take, he looks such an honest guy.
one's money is on (someone)
(быть) уверенным в чьей-либо победе (в соревнованиях, игре)
Sam's money was on the popular baseball team; he was sure they would win the game.
pad the bill
включить неоправданные расходы в счёт
Allan tried to pad the hotel bill when he was on a business trip.
pass the buck
сваливать ответственность на другого
Dora had no desire to cook dinner, so she passed the buck to her younger sister.
pass the hat
собирать деньга на какой-либо проект (пустить шапку по кругу)
They passed the hat in order to raise money for the animal shelter.
pay a king's ransom (for something)
заплатить огромные деньги за что-либо
I am not going to pay a king's ransom for this used car.
pay as you go
платить по мере выставления счёта или получения товара
The shop was forced to pay as they go when the bank refused to give them another loan.
pay in advance
платить заранее, (предоплата)
I registered at the hotel and paid in advance for a single room.
pay off (someone)
давать кому-либо взятку, откупиться
The shopkeeper had to pay off a gang of racketeers who were squeezing money from him.
pay off (something)
расплатиться с чем-либо (с долгами)
Lorna had serious intentions to pay off every debt.
pay one's own way
оплатить расходы самому
In order to pay my own way during college, I had to get a loan in the bank.
pay the piper
расплачиваться (за плохие или неправильные действия)
Joe acted quite insensibly and now he has to pay the piper for his wrong doings.
pay up
(срочно) расплатиться
George lost a small fortune playing poker and his poor wife had to pay up.
The deputy mayor received a handsome sum of money as a payoff.
pennies from heaven
деньги, которые вы не ожидали получить
The bonus that I received from the company was like pennies from heaven.
penny for one's thoughts
О чём это вы задумались?
"A penny for your thoughts," Jim said. "My thoughts are not worth anything because I was thinking of you," Wanda replied.
penny saved is a penny earned
пенни сбережённое – всё равно, что заработанное, "копейка рубль бережёт"
"It's easier to spend money than to earn it. But you should remember 'A penny saved is a penny earned'."
penny-wise and pound foolish
экономный в мелочах и расточительный в крупном
They had no penny-wise and pound-foolish policy in their company.
pick up the tab/check
заплатить по счёту за кого-либо
We, my sisters, my husband and me, had a nice dinner at the restaurant, and my husband picked up the tab.
pinch pennies
быть экономным, бережливым, "считать копейки"
Wanda pinches pennies not because she is thrifty, but because she earns very little.
play the market
спекулировать, играть на бирже
Denis has inherited a lot of money and he intends to play the market.
pony up
расплачиваться, платить
It is time for Sarah to pony up and pay for the car that she bought from me.
pour money down the drain
зря тратить деньги, транжирить
Mary often buys things which she really doesn't need; I think she pours money down the drain.
put in one's two cents (worth)
высказать своё мнение, свои соображения
Nobody ever pays any attention to Marion when she tries to put in her two cents.
put one's money where one's mouth is
перестать болтать и приняться за дело
"I want you to put your money where your mouth is and back up your words with action."
put the bite on (someone)
выпрашивать деньги
Joshua is always short of money, and he is constantly trying to put the bite on his co-workers.
quick buck
лёгкие деньги
The shoe factory was only interested in making a quick buck, but they were not interested in product quality.
quote a price
назначать цену (заранее)
I asked the computer company to quote a price to install my new computer.
raise/up the ante
поднять, увеличить ставку (ставка – деньги на кону перед началом игры)
The Chief Executive had to raise the ante when he decided to cancel the contract with the shipbuilding company.
rake in the money
зарабатывать много денег, "купаться в деньгах"
Though Jake is raking in the money he is very stingy.

rake off (some money)
воровать деньги
They suspected David Bronx of raking money off the company's account.
red cent
небольшая сумма денег, "медный грош"
I wanted to buy a boat from Tom, but it looked so shabby that I would not give a red cent for it.
rolling in money
иметь большое количество денег, "купаться в деньгах"
Mr. Hobson was rolling in money and didn't have to work.
salt away (money)
сберечь, сэкономить деньги
I was able to salt away some money for my holiday.
save up (for something)
делать сбережения, копить, откладывать
With the money he is earning he can easily save up for a good car.
scrape (something) together
наскрести или накопить (по мелочам)
Jimmy managed to scrape up together a few dollars by searching all the pockets.
scrimp and save
экономить, быть бережливым
Wanda has to scrimp and save in order to buy new clothes.
set (someone) back
стоить (какую-либо сумму) кому-либо
"How much did your new car set you back?"
shake (someone) down
получить деньги путём угроз, "потрясти кого-либо"
Lionel had to shake Noel down to get the money the latter owed him.
shell out (money)
платить деньги, раскошелиться
Jacob shelled out a lot of money for his new car.
sitting on a goldmine
владеть чем-либо ценным (часто не понимая этого)
My father's stamp collection is very valuable; he is sitting on a goldmine with it.
smart money is on (something)
хорошая идея (относительно чего-либо)
The smart money is on the government officials who decided to introduce a new tax law next year.
sock away (some money)
убирать, прятать деньги в укромное место
I have decided to sock away some money to pay for my college education.
splurge on (something)
потратить много денег на что-либо
They splurged on a beautiful new house in the suburbs of Toronto.
square accounts with (someone)
рассчитываться, улаживать финансовые дела с кем-либо
I didn't trust Jack and had no intention to square accounts with him.
squirrel away (some money)
припрятать деньги, откладывать
I sometimes have to squirrel some extra money away so that I can use it later.
stone broke
(быть) совершенно без денег
I am afraid I can't afford to go on a holiday to Thailand; I am stone-broke.
strapped for cash
не хватать денег, иметь мало денег
I couldn't buy the dress I wanted because I was strapped for cash.
strike gold
найти золотую жилу, напасть на золотую жилу
Jeremy seems to have struck gold with his new computer games product.
strike it rich
внезапно разбогатеть, преуспеть, "напасть на золотую жилу"
Elvira struck it rich when she had won one million dollars in a state lottery.
take a beating
понести убытки, потерять много денег
To avoid taking a beating I decided not to sell my country house.
take the money and run
принять предложенное пока предложение в силе
Bill planned to take the money and run as he was not sure that he would be given any more money for the settlement of his car accident.
take up a collection
собрать деньги на что-либо
Sam is willing to take up a collection for his holiday abroad.
throw good money after bad
тратить деньги впустую, упорствовать в безнадёжном деле
They closed the mine because they couldn't afford to throw good money after bad.
throw money around
сорить деньгами
Paul made up his mind to buy a piece of waste land and built a swimming pool on it, but I believe that he is simply throwing money around; the idea doesn't seem to be good.
tidy sum of money
довольно большая сумма денег
Samuel decided to sell his shop and hoped to get a tidy sum of money from the sale.
tightfisted/closefisted (with money)
Ogden's father is tightfisted with money, and he wouldn't give his son an allowance.
time is money
время - деньги
"Don't waste your time doing nothing; remember time is money."
turn on a dime
развернуться в очень узком месте (величиной с монету)
My new sports car can turn on a dime.
two bits
25 центов
A haircut only cost two bits when Grandfather was young.
two cents (worth)
мнение (о котором не спрашивают)
The boys were talking about tennis, and Hilda put in her two cents worth, even though she didn't know much about tennis.
worth its weight in gold
очень ценный
The advice of my father is always worth its weight in gold.



Подведите курсор мыши к вопросам - и на всплывающей подсказке Вы увидите ответы на эти вопросы.

  • Some people have got to have it. Some people really need it. Some people love it, and some people hate it.
  • It is lost and gained and wasted and earned every single day.


  • Money can't buy hapiness. - За деньги счастье не купишь
  • Money makes the world go round. - Деньги правят миром.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.  "Деньги не растут на деревьях" или "деньги на дороге не валяются".
  • to bring home the bacon. Иметь хорошую зарплату и обеспечивать семью.
  • Tighten your belt. Затянуть ремень потуже, жить экономно.
  • live from hand to mouth - еле сводить концы с концами
  • from rags to riches - из грязи в князи, быстрый взлет от бедности к богатству
  • Take care of the pennies and pounds will take care of themselves. - Копейка рубль бережет.
  • Neither a borrower nor a lender be. - В долг не бери и взаймы не давай.
  • Money is the root of all evil. - Деньги - корень зла.



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