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Закладки раскрываются по клику мыши. Рекомендуется последовательно проработать материалы в порядке их расположения и возрастания сложности. Нажатие на кружки с цифрами в конце ветвей ментальной карты покажет ожидаемый от Вас ответ (карта перетаскивается мышью в удобное положение).

1. He's one of the most unusual sportsmen, who lost many Ians because of his difficult character But he's got a gift. He's really talented. The one who turned the Ferrari team from sleeping giants to the no.1 Formula One team. He's been seven-time Formula One world drivers' champion. He's got real appetite tor winning
2. She started gymnastics in 1990 at age 4. Originally, she trained in Russia, but she was invited to train in Belarus. At the 2008 Belling Olympic Games she was second in All-Around competition. But what I really like about her is what a strong little person she is. I remember once when I was watching the Berlin Masters Inna's music tor the bail routine had been lost, she had to do it without music, with only the fans clapping along to help her... The worst thing that could happen to a gymnast. But she was good, really professional. And I'm a big fan of hers.
3. She is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, was named World Sportswoman of the Year in 2007 and 2009 At the age 
of 27 she's set twenty-seven world records. She has been a nine-time major champion (Olympic. World outdoor and indoor champion and European outdoor and indoor champion). As a result, many believe her she's the greatest athlete of all time. And the funny thing is she wasn't even going to become an athlete. She used to do gymnastics
4. His parents named him after former US president Ronald Reagan because he was his father's favourite actor, and not for political reasons He started playing when he was only 3 and at the age of 10 he already played in a professional team. When he was 18 after the match with Manchester United. United's players spoke enthusiastically of the young talent that they had just played against, saying they would rather have him in their team than play against him in the future. Today he’s one of the top footballers of all time. You haw to watch him play to see how good he is. Really smart
5. When 13-year-old boy put on a pair of boxing gloves for the very first time, nobody could haw imagined that he would become one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time. Vitaly started his career as a Idckboxer - he became a six-time Kickboxing-World-Champion. It was not before later when he discovered his love for boxing and quite fast he was very good at it too. His professional record since then is unbelievable: 38 fignts. 36 wins with 35 knockouts! He is the fourth Ьскег alongside Muhammad All. Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis to win a heavyweight belt three times.

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