file Вопрос How do your family prepare for Christmas?

2 года 6 мес. назад - 2 года 5 мес. назад #11 от polina-bobr
Masha, I agree with you that Chrictmas is one of the most attractive holidays, but my favourite holiday is New Year!
Thank you for your opinion. It would be  nice to hear from you why New Year is your favourite holiday.

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2 года 6 мес. назад - 2 года 5 мес. назад #12 от melnik-ivan
I n my family Christmas is celebrated on the 7th January. All the members of my family like this holiday.As for me, I love to hang bright garlands and balls, lights and ornaments and throw shiny tinsel onto the tree’s branches. My mum and I prepare our favourite cookies.Our typical Christmas meal is roast a chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables. We talk, eat and drink, play board games and watch television. Christmas is a holiday of wonders.We usually go to my godmother and celebrate Christmas in a big company.If it she works out then we celebrate it with my godfather's family.  Frankly speaking it really unites us.
Ivan, there are no new phrases in your text. Try to be careful doing the task next time. 

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