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Упр.1, стр.92

1. CustomerI’d like to buy a dress. Which way shall I go?
Shop-assistant: Some dresses are casual, other dresses are smart
Which do you need?
CustomerI’d like to have a look at casual dresses for summer.
Shop-assistant: OK. Over there on the left.
Customer: Thank you.
2. Shop-assistant: Lots of casual dresses. These are made of cotton.
The others are made of linen.
CustomerI prefer cotton dresses. I need a blue dress. Middle size.
Shop-assistant: Fine.
3. Shop-assistant: Would you like this dress? It’s lovely.
Customer: No, I’d like another one, but I don’t know which.
4. Shop-assistantHave a look at these two dresses.
I think they’ll suit you well.
Customer: This dress is too dark, but the other one is really cool.
I’ll try it on.

Упр.2а, стр.94

Customer: I bought a lovely leather jacket here last month and I like it a lot. I’d love (1) another one in a different colour.
Shop-assistant: We don’t have those any more. But we have (2) other jackets in a different colour. Have a look at this one.
Customer: Yes, it’s lovely, but the red colour doesn’t suit me.
Do you have (3) another colour?
Shop-assistant: Here are two similar jackets.
Customer: I like the blue one, but I don’t like (4) the other

Do you have (5) other jackets I can try on?
Shop-assistant: Take the blue one and I’ll bring you (6) the other jackets to try on. The fitting room is over there.
(five minutes later)
Shop-assistant: How are you getting on?
Customer: The blue jacket suits me well, but (7) the others don’t fit me. The brown jacket is too baggy and the black one is too tight.
Shop-assistant: The blue colour matches your eyes perfectly! That’s a good choice.
Customer: Thank you. How much is it?
Shop-assistant: 78 pounds.
Customer: Good! I’ll take it!

Упр.1, стр.92. Запустите презентацию по клику мыши. Для дальнейшей пошаговой анимации использовать мышь. Внизу есть кнопка проигрывателя.

Упр.1, стр.92

Упр.2а, стр.94

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    Doing shopping  

  • About how much money do you spend on clothes a year?
  • Do you like shopping for new clothes?
  • Do you often buy new clothes?
  • Do you prefer to go shopping or just browse? Why?
  • What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most? Why?
  • Do you think it is important to buy fashionable clothes?
    • Do you think it is important to be in fashion?
  • What are some of the strangest fashions you have ever bought?
  • What colors do you think look good on you?
  • What is your shoe size?
  • What kind of clothes are in fashion now?
  • What's the most expensive piece of clothing you have ever bought?
  • What's your favorite color for shoes?
  • Where are some good stores to buy clothes in this area?
  • Where do you usually buy clothes?
  • What do you think about secondhand clothes?
    • Why do you think people buy secondhand clothes?
    • Have you ever been to a store that sells secondhand clothes?
    • Have you ever bought secondhand clothes?
    • Would you buy secondhand clothes?
  • When and where did you buy an article of clothing you're wearing right now? Why did you choose it?
  • How often do you go clothes shopping?
    • Where do you like to go?
    • Who do you like to go with?
    • How much money do you usually spend?
    • Would you bring your husband/boyfriend with you when you go clothes shopping?
  • What do you like to shop for the most?
  • Where is your favorite shopping centre?
  • What is your favorite brand?
  • Are you a shopaholic?
  • Do you go to many shops before buying one particular item or do you just buy the first one you find?
  • Do you spend a lot of money on clothes?
  • Which type of clothes do you "collect"?
  • What's your favorite piece of clothing?
    • How much did it cost?
    • Where did you buy your favorite piece of clothing?
  • Do you like to go shopping during the sales?

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