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Ex.1b, p.254. Listen to the three students talking about learning English. What are their problems?

S I : I learnt Italian, no problem. It was a child’s play for me. The vocabulary was easy, the pronunciation was easy - everything was dead easy! But English is not a bed of roses. For example, in my language, if you want to say ‘He likes school’, you say ‘Он любит школу’ . If you want to make a question, it’s the same - ‘Он любит школу?’ In English you have to use ‘do’ or ... or ...
S I: Does ...
S2: Yes, does. Does he like school? I don’t understand why you have to do that.
S2: Spelling is my biggest problem. It’s impossible to know how to pronounce a word when you see it for the first time. For example, B-E-A-R is ‘bear’, but D-E-A-R is ‘dear’! The same letters E-A-R but two different pronunciations! It’s ridiculous!
S3: Some words are a hard nut to crack. ‘Make’ and ‘do’ , for example ... it’s the same word in my language. But in English you need two words. You do your homework, but you make a cake. It’s so confusing. I always do a mistake with it.
S2: Make.
S3: Sorry?
S2: Make ... you make a mistake, not do a mistake.
S3: Typical.
Ex.2a, p.254. Listen to the poem. What does it teach you?

If you want to make progress without wasting your time
Make a list of expressions that easily rhyme
It won’t make much difference if you make a mistake
Just make an announcement: “I’ve made biscuits and cake!”

If you do badly, can you do your best?
If you can’t answer, can you do the test?
Can you do the shopping? Can you do the dishes?
Can you do your homework? Can you make your wishes?
Make a trip to some country to meet people like us,
Make friends and smile, and don’t make a fuss,
Say you love making plans, appointments and such
Making breakfast or dinner doesn’t bother you much.
If the words that you hear don’t make any sense
Make an effort to answer and do not feel tense
Do exercises; don’t make much noise
Please, do me a favour, I can’t make a choice.
So make up your mind,
And learn verse of this kind,
Then you’ll use “do” and “make”
Without any mistake!
Ex.2b, p.255. Using the poem in ex. 2a, sort out the words. Which of them are used with the verb ‘do’ and which ones with the verb ‘make’?
Ex.3a, p.256. Listen to the Internet chat. What is Sandra’s problem?

Sandra: When I speak English, I’m too shy. I’m afraid to make mistakes.
Bob: You’re not alone. I know all about that. My wife Xin was like that. She used to get quiet when she was with others. Now she’s rather confident.
Sandra: Because she has you. You are an expert in English. How do you help your students improve their speaking skills?
Bob: Yeah. You’re right. I help them cope with their shyness.
Sandra: How do you do that?
Bob: It’s a daily mental practice. You can learn to stop worrying about making mistakes. You can learn to feel good about your efforts.
Sandra: I don’t feel good about my efforts. I feel that I can’t speak English properly.
Bob: You can learn to tolerate your mistakes.
Sandra: OK. Tell me how I can learn not to worry about my mistakes?
Bob: Don’t you see how well you’re speaking English with me now.
Sandra: No, I don’t. I’m making a lot of mistakes. Is there anything I can read about it?
Bob: Take a look at this article: How can I improve my spoken English?
Sandra: That sounds great. Thanks, Bob.
Bob: You’re welcome, Sandra.

Ex.4a, p.256. Read the article Bob has recommended to Sandra. What is the main idea of the article?
Some people are shy to speak a new language with others. This shyness is mostly associated with the fear that “I will make mistakes.” Students and teachers often focus on mistakes. They worry about mistakes. They correct mistakes. They feel nervous about mistakes. They try to speak perfectly. No one, however, is perfect. Native speakers make mistakes all the time. Instead of focusing on the negative – focus on communication. Taking lessons is always important, but equally important are these pieces of advice:
1. Read, listen, watch. Try to find topics that INTEREST you. Read online newspapers (The Times, The Guardian, The Independent ...), keep listening to Internet radio stations like the BBC, watch TV shows in English, etc.
2. Write, communicate. Try to find discussion forums from the web about things that you find interesting and FUN (music, various artists, hobbies, etc.) and start communicating there with other people using only English. Please do NOT be afraid of making mistakes. The more you enjoy communicating, the better!
3. If you are shy to speak English with other people, say the following words before the mirror: “I don’t worry about making mistakes when I speak English. I am making an effort to improve my English. People like me as a person. People speak with me because of my good personal qualities. They don’t mind if I make mistakes at times because English is not my mother tongue. I make mistakes only to learn from my mistakes.”
The key thing in this is not to be afraid to make mistakes. The only mistake is not opening your mouth.

Раскрывайте ветви ментальной карты нажатием на кружки в конце ее ветвей, чтобы проверить свои ответы.
Карта перетаскивается в удобное положение левой кнопкой мыши. Внизу карты меняются параметры просмотра (свернуть/развернуть все ветви  ...).

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