9-93,94 Проблемы, связанные с учебой

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Ex.2a, p.246. Read students’ webchat on the Helpline website.

I am having huge trouble getting my homework done. I leave it till the last minute or copy someone else’s. I know cheating is wrong. My mum and dad don’t know anything, but I know they will be disappointed if I tell them. Do you have any advice on how I can organise my homework and what I need for school?

I would really appreciate the helpthank you.”
“I’ve just started a new school and I feel like I don’t belong here. I’m too shy to actually talk to anyone. In the class that I was in before I fit in pretty well and they understood me, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now. I don’t want to be alone for the rest of the school year.
Please, help.
“My classmates bully me because I’m not good at sports. I feel like I don’t have any real friends because they’re constantly calling me names, and this one boy, that I have to sit next to, enjoys throwing my pens and notebooks off my desk. What should I do?
I’m not an easy student. I often oversleep. I’m lateI skip lessons and I lie about where I am. It was a small bad habit I developed last year but it has gotten way worse this year. This has to stop ... but I don’t know where to start. I can’t cope with it myself.”

Ex.4a, p.249. Read the Helpline adviser’s replies.

A. What you need to do is to tell your parents or another adult you trust. Usually your parents are the best people to tell
Don’t forget they were at school not so long ago, so they might know more than you think about your situation.
If you can’t tell your parents, then talk to a teacher or an older person you trust.
The school can’t do anything about your problem if they don’t know about it.
Take a friend with you if you’re nervous and remember there are many ways a school can stop it.”
B. “It’s really hard introducing yourself to people, especially if they’ve already got friends.
Why don’t you speak to the people you’re sitting next to in class, before and after class?
Find out what clubs there are at your school and go to something you’re interested in.
You’ve got to be brave and say “Hello – what’s your name?” It’s difficult but you’ve got to do it. You’ll feel great afterwards.
The best thing you can do is to talk to people, remember to smile, be open and friendly, listen to what others have to say and make them feel important.”

Раскрывайте ветви ментальной карты нажатием на кружки в конце ее ветвей, чтобы проверить свои ответы.
Карта перетаскивается в удобное положение левой кнопкой мыши. Внизу карты меняются параметры просмотра (свернуть/развернуть все ветви  ...).

Задания на закрепление материала урока из ex.2a(246) и тренировку речевых навыков по темам:
1) описание проблем, связанных с учебой в школе,  2) советы, как их преодолеть, 3) согласие/несогласие. 
Вам надо выбрать из списка те школьные проблемы, о которых идет речь в 4-х мини-текстах, а в остальных заданиях - восстановить перетаскиванием правильный порядок слов в предложениях. Ошибаться не страшно - вам покажут правильный ответ и предложат ответить снова.  Штрафы не начисляются. Если пройдете тест до конца, набрав 100%  - приступайте к проверке знаний в модуле "4-тест"!







































































































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