9-47 Unit IV. FASHION

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  • Do you like fashion?
  • What do you think of the fashion industry?
  • Are you a fashion victim / slave to fashion?
  • Would you like to be a fashion model?
  • How does fashion affect our lives?
  • How important is fashion today compared with in the past?
  • What do you think of the fact that what’s in fashion lasts just a short time, then we have to spend more money on the next “in” things?
  • What are the bad things about fashion?
  • Is fashion only for beautiful people?
  • Do you have your own fashion or follow the crowds?
  • Do you read fashion magazines?
  • Do you think it is important to wear fashionable clothesDo you think it is important to be in fashion?
  • Do you wear the same color clothes now that you wore ten years ago?
  • Do you think people feel different when they wear different clothes?
  • What are some of the strangest fashions you have seen?
  • What colors do you think look good on you?
  • What do you think of body piercing?
    • Do you have pierced ears?
    • Do you know anyone with a pierced nose?
    • Would you ever pierce your tongue?
  • What do you think of people who dye their hair green?
  • What do you think of women who wear high heel shoes?
    • Do you think high heel shoes are bad for a person's health?
  • What fashions that you see today do you think will be out of fashion within two years?
  • What kind of clothes are in fashion now?
  • What kind of clothes do you usually wear?
  • Would you like to be a fashion model?
  • Do you think men should be allowed to wear skirts?
  • What would you think of a women who cut off all her hair and went around bald as a fashion statement?
  • What do you think of a man who is bald for fashion's sake?
  • What do you think of women who wear short mini-skirts?
  • Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect what is inside us ?
  • What do you think of people with tattoos?
    • Do you have a tattoo? Do you know someone with a tattoo?
  • What do you think of people with body piercing?
    • Do you have pierced ears?
    • Would you pierce other parts of your body?
  • What would you think of a high school student who always wore very conservative clothes?
  • What type of clothing do you wear when you are angry and you want to express yourself?
  • What colors do you choose to wear when you are happy?
  • What do you think of the people who wear them?
  • Have you ever worn your hair braided in small braids.
    • Did anyone look at you differently because of it?
  • Would you ever wear contacts to change your eye color?
  • Is it possible to be beautiful without wearing any make-up, earrings or other accessories?
  • Do fashionable clothes really change the way a person looks?
  • What differences have you noticed in the fashions here and in your country?
  • What do you think of men who where tights?
  • What do you think about secondhand clothes?
    • Why do you think people buy secondhand clothes?
    • Have you ever been to a store that sells secondhand clothes?
    • Have you ever bought secondhand clothes?
    • Would you buy secondhand clothes?
  • What do you think of men wearing high heels?
  • What do you think of women wearing high heels?
  • Why is it acceptable for women to wear men's clothing, but not for men to dress in women's clothing?
  • Are some people more fashion conscious than others? What types/groups of people?
  • Do you think there's a difference between" fashion " and "style"?​

  Fashion debate 

A: In my opinionfashion is a complete waste of time, money and resources.
B: I disagree entirely. The world would be a very boring place without change.
A: Fashion doesn't only involve change. It's a very dishonest form of marketing based on artificial images which never translate into reality.
B: But everyone understands that the images are there to capture attention. People find them fun. 
B: Haven't you ever looked through a fashion magazine?
A: Only at the dentist's.
B: What about the glossy magazines which you get when you buy a Sunday newspaper? They're full of fashionable advertisements.
A: That's true, but don't you think they're a terrible waste of paper. How many people throw them straight into the dustbin?
B: A lot of people must read them and they don't add to the cost of the newspaper. 
A: There're two points here. Firstlythe cost to the environment. Think of all the rain forests. Secondly, the advertiser may pay, but the costs are passed on to the consumer.
B: That isn't strictly true. If a company can sell in bulk, prices can be brought down. You can't expect to sell unless the consumer knows the product exists. 
A: I wouldn't mind publicity if it told you something about the product, but by getting fashion models to market clothes and even cars, you are hiding the truth. When I buy clothing, I want to know if it's comfortable and how long it's going to last.
B: That may be your reason, but some people buy clothes because they want to look nice. Perhaps they have a special date or engagement. People have always liked dressing up.
A: That may be so, but traditional costumes were made to be worn more than once. What worries me is today's throw-away society where some people waste the world's precious resources while other people go without.
B: Well I don't see why you should blame the fashion industry for social injustice. 

Источник: www.eslprintables.com

    Are today's teenagers fashion victims?    
 Yes, today’s children are victims of fashion 
  • There has been an observational debate that fashions are destroying the children as they are inclined towards trending fashion products and are making their parents spend huge money on the clothes and accessories.
  • Children should be focusing on studies; however, they are spending most of their time following the fashion and are neglecting their studies.
  • Students should be aiming for their careers and future but instead, they are getting influenced by various TV commercials and other forms of media that appeal to them directly. This is very harmful to their future/career in the long run.  
  • Earlier, it used to be very healthy competition among classmates and friends about who will score better in which subject or who will outshine the others in sports, music, dramatics, debate etc. But now it is more about competition for the latest fashion accessories and clothes.
  • Girls, on the other hand, are becoming conscious of their weight and appearance that they often skip meals or eat very little to look slim which is very harmful to their health and development. On their own, they are experimenting with diet pills and supplements which is really unhealthy practice. Also, students are getting their hair treated with bleach, colours, and chemical products without knowing their harmful side-effects.

 No, today’s children are not victims of fashion 

  • Children, under the supervision of their parents, too can experiment with the latest trends in the market. This will also help them in developing their own interest/knowledge and building up self-confidence and becoming an independent thinker/decision maker.
  • And if there is some negative opinion/remarks then also it will help them to learn about fashion ethics. And it is especially good and useful for children as they will learn at a young age itself.
  • Following a fashion trend helps children to identify and connect with other children who have the same choices as them. This will make them more sociable and help them in making friends. When children are dressed up stylishly they are counted as one with pleasant personalities. This acceptance will help them in their career and future. This is one positive outcome of going with the fashion.
  • Fashion used to be the subject of the rich and affluent, but now the common people are also experimenting with it, the discrimination in society is not there anymore. It is also not only about just clothing but about other accessories as well like bags, jackets, wallets, purses, shoes etc. It has become much widespread and acceptable.
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