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    Are today's teenagers fashion victims?    
 Yes, today’s children are victims of fashion 
  • There has been an observational debate that fashions are destroying the children as they are inclined towards trending fashion products and are making their parents spend huge money on the clothes and accessories.
  • Children should be focusing on studies; however, they are spending most of their time following the fashion and are neglecting their studies.
  • Students should be aiming for their careers and future but instead, they are getting influenced by various TV commercials and other forms of media that appeal to them directly. This is very harmful to their future/career in the long run.  
  • Earlier, it used to be very healthy competition among classmates and friends about who will score better in which subject or who will outshine the others in sports, music, dramatics, debate etc. But now it is more about competition for the latest fashion accessories and clothes.
  • Girls, on the other hand, are becoming conscious of their weight and appearance that they often skip meals or eat very little to look slim which is very harmful to their health and development. On their own, they are experimenting with diet pills and supplements which is really unhealthy practice. Also, students are getting their hair treated with bleach, colours, and chemical products without knowing their harmful side-effects.

 No, today’s children are not victims of fashion 

  • Children, under the supervision of their parents, too can experiment with the latest trends in the market. This will also help them in developing their own interest/knowledge and building up self-confidence and becoming an independent thinker/decision maker.
  • And if there is some negative opinion/remarks then also it will help them to learn about fashion ethics. And it is especially good and useful for children as they will learn at a young age itself.
  • Following a fashion trend helps children to identify and connect with other children who have the same choices as them. This will make them more sociable and help them in making friends. When children are dressed up stylishly they are counted as one with pleasant personalities. This acceptance will help them in their career and future. This is one positive outcome of going with the fashion.
  • Fashion used to be the subject of the rich and affluent, but now the common people are also experimenting with it, the discrimination in society is not there anymore. It is also not only about just clothing but about other accessories as well like bags, jackets, wallets, purses, shoes etc. It has become much widespread and acceptable.
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