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9-44 Индивидуальный стиль в одежде

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Style tip 1.
Proportion for clothes is very important. Wearing a big sweater with thick, baggy trousers will make you look very big. 
Putting together a narrow skirt with a tight T-shirt may make you look like you’ve grown out of your childhood clothes. The general rule of fashion proportion is that a big top needs a small bottom part, and vice versa1.
Style tip 2.
People often dress either in neutral tones or in all the colours of the rainbow. One colour is boring, many colours may be too many. What to do? Find the balance! If you wear a onecolour outfit, add a little splash of colour with accessories and see how much it will change the way you look!
Style tip 3.
Black colour goes with everything and gives you a slimming effect. Go all black or pair it with any colour.
Style tip 4.
Never overdo2 on a single fabric. For example, in case of denim, you should not wear it from top to bottom, it will only make you look like a cowboy.
Style tip 5.
The common mistake is that patterned clothes make short people look shorter and fat people look fatter. A pattern can look stylish on people of all shapes and sizes. Just remember, the less is better.
Style tip 6.
Accessories are as much a part of your outfit as your shoes or your skirt. So don’t forget about balance and proportion when you choose which earrings to wear or what handbag 
to use. The size, shape and material of your accessories should match that of the clothes you’re wearing. For example, a bulky handbag is too much for a pretty, summery dress, whereas it’s perfect for a thick trouser suit.
Style tip 7.
As for sunglasses, they are a great fashion accessory in the summer time but if the sun’s away, put your sunglasses away. And don’t keep them on when you’re indoors. You may think you look cool but nobody else will.
Style tip 8.
One of the most important things is to look neat and clean and always have fitting clothes.
Style tip 9.
In different places, we need to wear different clothes. For example, attending a formal meeting, you should look elegant and conservative. For women, the best way to dress is to wear a suit, matched with a white shirt and high-heeled shoes. Men’s outfit includes a smart suit with a tie, dark socks and dress shoes, not trainers! At informal events, for example, meeting friends, we should choose some casual, comfortable clothes.
For a picnic, put on shorts or jeans and a T-shirt, but leave them at home when you go to the theatre.


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