9-50 В метеорологическом лагере

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Welcome to the weather camp

1. How does the speaker feel about weather? What practical skills will the campers develop?

Dear boys and girls! Welcome to the International Weather camp! We are glad you’ve chosen to be here. You’ll be able to get wide knowledge about weather and develop practical skills – you’ll read weather maps, forecast weather, conduct experiments, carry out research and do scientific projects. You’ll have a wonderful opportunity to work with meteorologists and learn more about this very useful work.
The working language of our International Weather Camp is English, so you’ll be able to use a lot of English and improve your communication skills. We hope, our camp will encourage your interest in and enthusiasm about weather, because weather doesn’t leave anyone cold.

2. How will the campers feel at the weather camp? What facilities are offered? What life skills will the campers learn?

Hi everybody! We’ll give you a very warm welcome here.

All the instructors are kind, patient, understanding, helpful, and of course, very experienced. We have good facilities, including a library, a computer centre with access to the Internet, a science laboratory, a TV room and a gym to help you keep fit. We hope you’ll be fine here, that is you will never be under the weather at our camp. You’ll also learn useful life skills, such as making your beds, cleaning your rooms, and washing your clothes. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wash your clothes by hand – we’ve got washing machines here. These skills will help you to weather the storm – to solve any life problem. We believe, you’ll make new friends here, who will be real, not just fair weather friends. So, let’s get started.
























































































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