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dressed to kill - if someone is dressed to kill, he/she is wearing very fashionable or glamorous clothes intended to attract attention. E.g. Kelly was dressed to kill at the office party. We couldn't take our eyes off her!

down at heel - to have an untidy or neglected appearance, due to lack of money. E.g. He's looking really down at heel... Is he going through a rough time?

not a hair out of place - to have a perfect appearance. E.g. Sophia is always looking smart and groomed - not a hair out of place!

look a sight - to look awful, unsuitable or very untidy. E.g. Oh dear, what's wrong with you? You look a sight this morning!

look like a million dollars - to look extremely good. E.g. Matthew looked like a million dollars with his new hairstyle, tan and designer suit!

all skin and bone - to be very thin or too thin. E.g. I can't believe how much weight she's lost... She's all skin and bone!

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