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The weather in summer is unpredictable. Each summer is different: one may be extremely hot, the other is cool. During hot summers, heat waves are common in Belarus and the heat is unbearable! It makes you feel under the weather.

Moreover, when there is the lack of rain for a long period of time, crops in the fields may die.

Cool summers are far more comfortable. We feel active, full of beans then.

If a downpour occurs, floods may be expected. Traffic will be disrupted, and cars will stop not to be completely damaged by the water.

Summer is also the time of windstorms. However, we always follow weather forecasts and take weather warnings seriously. It is the safest way to weather the storm.

Autumn comes late – at the end of September, when days grow shorter and leaves change their colour to red and yellow. It means we are on the way to overcast, grey autumn skies.

Winters in Belarus are typical for the continental climate. After October, we will have to expect grey winter days and windy spring days until the end of March. It’s usually frosty in winter. February brings windy weather and nasty blizzards.

Unfortunately, meteorology can’t forecast weather for the whole of winter. Winters are unpredictable! Actually, you can experience all types of winter weather in Belarus. I have noticed that spring comes earlier than before.

Belarus is the right place to do winter sports – to go skiing, skating and sledging. 

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