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Weather forecasts

1. The day will start mainly bright with some fog. Much of he UK will be sunny and dry with light or moderate winds later in the day. The south-east, East Anglia and Lincolnshire will see more sunshine in the afternoon, and cloud will begin to thicken across north-eastern England during the evening. Western Scotland and Northern Ireland have the chance of patchy (местами) light rain or drizzle for a time.
The average day temperatures will range from 15 degrees Celsius in the Scottish Highlands to 20 degrees Celsius in the southeast of the UK.
On the whole, it will be a fantastic warm day. Have a good day, and fair weather.

2. The UK will feel generally mild today under mostly overcast skies. London and southern England will have a cloudy and breezy but dry day, with brighter spells in places. The rest of Southern England, along with the Midlands and East Anglia, will also be gusty (c порывистым ветром) but dry. Wales and northern England will see windy weather, with patchy rain later in the day. Northern Ireland will have drizzle or downpours and be blowy, too, as will Scotland, where there’s a chance of sunshine and a few showers. 
Remember, there’s no bad weather, there are bad clothes.























































































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   Weather Questions 

  1. How to you depend on the weather reports on TV?
  2. How do television stations secure weather reports?
  3. Why is it important to know future weather conditions in advanced?
  4. When would knowing tomorrow's weather change you plans?
  5. Have you ever checked the weather for your city on the Internet?
  6. Where do you get your weather information?

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