9.-102 Отношение к списыванию в школе

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Ex.2a, p.265. Listen and read the Internet forum on cheating.

Which of the participants are for cheating and which of them are against it?

“I dislike cheating, it’s dishonest. Cheating is the same as lying. Copying a friend’s work is never a good idea because you won’t get any knowledge. Even if no one fi nds out that you’ve been cheating, YOU will know. You’ll feel bad about it and you’ll never learn to do that kind of work.
Some people say cheating is bad, and it’s wrong. There is also that popular phrase everyone loves to use: “When you cheat, you’re really cheating yourself.” Is this true? I say: NO! I have cheated on tests, homework and projects all through my school years. It’s something I take pride in. I’m proud of myself because out of the hundreds of times I’ve cheated, I’ve only been caught ONE time.
Since every school has a cheating policy, cheating can get you in serious trouble. You can get an automatic F or Zero on the test or project or even be expelled (исключен) from school. If you cheat to get a better mark, you’re taking a big risk of getting a much worse mark that will seriously set you back. Grace Cheating is unfair to you. School can help make you a better person in many ways, and help you learn the things you’ll need in your future life. If you cheat, you will never really learn these things, for all you’re going to learn is how to cheat!
Unfair? School is unfair to you too! Most of the subjects you have to take at school, you will never need in your life. If you’re not going to study Physics or Maths at college or university, why would you need the laws of relativity (законы относительности)? Save time for yourself.
As it’s important to play fair in games and sports, school, must be a place for a fair play, too. When you cheat at school to get better marks, it’s unfair to the kids who actually studied and did the work.
I cheat because my homework, test or projects are not a bed of roses. I can’t cope with them but I want to get as good marks as my classmates. As for my parents they think I have no problems at school, I don’t want to disappoint them.
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